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Race Entry and Refund Policy

Bute Motorsport will be responsible for communicating Registration & Race Entry Forms to all Registered Competitors in sufficient time for entries to be made in accordance with Regulation 2.1. A single Race Entry Form will be issued which can be used for all races. Once the single Race Entry Form is submitted to Bute Motorsport it is the Competitors responsibility to request a new form or download it from the Championship website in sufficient time before the race if they wish to enter a race not included on their original single Race Entry Form or obtain such from the official website.

Refunds – No refund of entry fee can be made for Full Season Entries or those sold at a discounted fee for whatever reason.

If a Race by Race entry is withdrawn refunds will be available on receipt of written confirmation of withdrawal received by the Championship Co-ordinator according to the following schedule:

  • notification received more than four weeks prior to race meeting 100% refund less £75 administration charge
  • notification received more than three weeks prior to race meeting 75% refund
  • notification received more than two weeks prior to race meeting 50% refund
  • less than two weeks notice no refund is available.

For the avoidance of doubt the race meeting mentioned above refers to 5pm on the Friday prior to the event. A week is given to mean a seven day week.

Entry prices can be obtained separately to these Regulations from Bute Motorsport. Bute Motorsport has sole discretion over entry prices and refund policy which they reserve the right to vary from those shown in these Regulations.

Supplementary Regulations, Race meeting Schedules and Paddock details will automatically be issued by email by Bute Motorsport to competitors entered in the race. Any competitor who would prefer this information by post should notify Bute Motorsport and supply an address and ensure their entry is in no later than 14 days prior to the event. Each Entrant will be issued six permanent Circuit Admission Passes.

Those entering on a race by race basis, or with an accepted late entry, may be issued with paper circuit admission tickets in place of permanent passes. All Permanent passes will remain the property of MSVR and must be surrendered if required to do so by the Race Meeting Organisers. Lost permanent passes will be supplied on written application to MSVR at a charge of £30 per pass. Competitors are responsible for sending in correct and complete entries with the correct entry fees prior to the entry in accordance with Regulation 1.4.1. The Championship Organisers reserve the right to accept registrations and entries up to noon of the Thursday prior to the race, but an administrative fee may be charged for entries received later than 14 days prior to the event. No entry for the event will be accepted after noon of the Thursday prior to the event.

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