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Partnership Benefits

Bute Motorsport have invested heavily in the GT Cup, taking the championship to a new publicity level for 2021 following what has been widely acclaimed as an exceptionally successful 2021 season in difficult circumstances.

  • Top Venues and Premier Events
  • Focus on the UK’s best circuits
  • Full season media relations support
  • Live streaming at all rounds

Hospitality & Networking

The Bute Motorsport Race Centre, is the epicenter of the event and from where our professional hospitality team will surprise and delight you and your guests and ensure a memorable day.

Attending a round of the GT Cup offers a unique experience, by placing you and your guests in the centre of the action, by providing exclusive behind the scenes access to motorsport, usually reserved to drivers and team principals. In the paddock, you will be able to watch the practice, qualifying and the races with exclusive full access to the pit lane.

Behind the scenes opportunities include; attending Driver Briefings, meeting the Clerk of the Course, private tours of Race Control and Commentary Box, taking a ride around the circuit in the Course Car, presenting the GT Cup trophies on the winners’ podium or even waving the chequered flag*.

During the weekend the circuit is a hive of activity for you to enjoy at your leisure. Watching the racing on circuit from grandstands all around the race track.

Corporate partners and their guests can enjoy the superb catering provided in the Bute Motorsport Race Centre, while brushing shoulders with competitors, all contributing to the friendly, family-based paddock atmosphere that is a trademark of the GT Cup.

Hospitality in the Bute Motorsport Race Centre is an essential and valuable tool, which allows businesses to build relationships with partners, suppliers and other race attendees. Our professional hospitality team will cater to all your guests’ needs, and our options can be scaled to suit every budget.




The GT Cup Championship appeals to key demographic groups, with the 18 to 50 year old range making up the majority of supporters and viewers.

The GT Cup presents hour long highlight programmes of each event appearing on-demand and on amazon prime. Reaching over 81 countries and a potential audience over 25 Million.  good brand exposure is guaranteed. We are expecting to have live coverage for all seven rounds of the 2021 season. 

Bute Motorsport keeps close ties with key media publications such as Autosport Magazine, Motorsport News, Daily Sports Car and many more.

The internet has presented the GT Cup with its biggest opportunity to reach a large audience immediately. From live race commentary via Twitter to regular email communications, online traffic has grown year-on-year at an impressive rate. We work closely with our championship partner Pirelli with the GT Cup being promoted via their global website and weekly media email newsletter. In terms of their followers / fans their UK Instagram page boasts just under 10K and Facebook, which has a global page structure, has 2.2million fans.

The GT Cup website has continued to see an increase in visitors and page views over the previous 12-month period as we continue to integrate content, including video streaming, across all digital platforms.  The company’s valuable database of supporters, teams and drivers built up over fourteen years of trading ensures strong exposure is guaranteed.


Key Figures

  • 64K visited the GT Cup Website during 2021 – a 94% increase from 2020 season
  • 77K followers across all GT Cup Outlets with over 660K impressions across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Our race coverage continues to grow with live footage and highlights on both Amazon Prime and YouTube, with over 33,000 hours of video content watched across both platforms.

For YouTube specifically, we have seen over the last year:

                    A 1550 % increase in watch time of 33K Hours

                    An 802% increase in total views, up to 192.1k

                    Subscriber numbers increase by 782%



Linking an organisation to the high octane world of supercar GT racing can bring a raft of benefits. From an image enhancement to differentiating products and services, whether B2B or consumer based.

As part of an imaginative marketing programme sponsorship of the GT Cup can deliver benefits beyond the reach of traditional advertising.

To discuss your requirements please call Hannah James on 07500 116687 or click here to email.