Snetterton - Changes over Winter - Note to all Teams & Drivers

7 May 2019

Dear GT Cup Teams & Drivers

There were relatively few changes at Snetterton over the winter period, but I thought it would be worth letting you know of the more significant ones.

Pit Wall – The rail & board on top of the Pit Wall has been replaced by a full height debris fence, similar to what has been in place at Brands Hatch for several years.  It starts on top of the Armco just before the  Pit Lane entrance timing loop & runs through to the Startline Gantry.  In addition, there is a new ‘gate’ in the Armco barrier just beyond the Startline Gantry; this is principally to allow large numbers of people to access & clear the grid at BTCC/British GT type meetings, rather than having to go through the two existing narrow gates in the pit wall.  I will separately send a link to Dropbox so you can see some photos.

Turn 1 (Riches) – The kerb on the inside of the corner has been rebuilt & extended at either end, which has (so far) allowed the foam block that was added on the inside of the corner from the BTCC meeting last year to be removed.

Turn 8 (Nelson) – A tyre bundle has been added on the inside of the corner in the vicinity of Post 16 – see photos in Dropbox folder

Track Limits – The infrastructure has been put in place to add an extra track limits sensor at the exit of Turn 1 (Riches).  This has involved redoing the kerb at the exit of the corner, which is now backed by a narrow lower strip of concrete (not painted & not considered part of the kerb), which widens locally where the sensor is to be installed.  Sorry no photo of this.  Currently, the advice I am getting from the Circuit Manager is that it is unlikely to be operational for next weekend’s meeting, but It might be functioning for the British GT/F3 meeting the following weekend.  I will let you know if I hear of any changes.

Safety Car – Not a change for 2019, but perhaps an omission from the Final Instructions, it is now established ‘custom & practice’ to hold the Safety Car at the exit of Turn 12 (Murrays), near the Pit Lane entrance, during the start of a race.  Therefore in the event of an incident occurring during or immediately after the start of the race, the Safety Car will be deployed from the exit of Turn 12, NOT the Pit Lane as stated in the Final Instructions.  Once the field has cleared Turn 2 on the first lap, the Safety Car is called back to the Pit Lane & will deploy from the Pit Lane Exit as normal.

I hope the above is of some use.


Tony Weatherley

Snetterton Senior Clerk