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Geoff Steel Racing is headed up by Director and Team Principal – Geoff Steel. His keen eye for detail and obsession with race car performance and handling ensures the team deliver and perform with absolute commitment and precision.

Geoff’s obsession for anything mechanical began at the age of 4 when he attended his first race meeting with his father. This set his career on a clear path which began with a mechanical apprenticeship and lead to Geoff going on to Loughborough to achieve his AMIMI Dip Tech (the highest possible accolade for mechanical engineering of that time).

By the age of 24, there was another element to Geoff that was becoming increasingly hard to suppress. Geoff’ had a profound need to become his own boss and to have his own garage. This need lead him to take the leap of faith in 1972 leaving a very good job at British Leyland as a Technical Correspondent to start his own business. The utter brute determination that still sees Geoff make the impossible possible saw him buy his 1st car for just £25 that soon turned into 2 followed by his 1st premises. The business was launched. Geoff has always been and continues to be at complete ease when in his garage. It is an integral part of him, he understands it completely and instinctively see’s the right thing to do.

Another constant for Geoff was his involvement with racing. By the age of 20 Geoff had built and rallied his 1st car. Although Geoff consistently achieved impressive results, winning the East Midlands Championship several times, and ranking 5th in the UK for example, he was still more interested in the performance and handling of the car rather than the driving itself. Testament to this would be how Geoff always raced class B cars against class A cars (and usually won) demonstrating his extraordinary ability to achieve the absolute maximum out of a car.

In the early 90s Geoff made the change from rallying to racing. He converted his Escort 1800 BDA into a track car, but soon upgraded to his 1st BMW, an E30 M3. He went on to win the Modified Saloon Car Championship, compete in the BTCC, and achieve multiple outright wins.

Towards the end of the 90’s Geoff had been approached by a number of other drivers, all keen to use his expertise to set up their cars, thus Geoff Steel Racing as we know it now, began. Geoff has built a team that together are united in their passion to carry on the Geoff Steel ethos, work hard, never give up, and win.

Vehicle Info

Vehicle Name/Type Race Number Race Group
E36 M3 71 GTA
E36 M3 71 GTB

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Manager's name: Will

Manager's email: [email protected]