QuickSilver Exhaust Systems


Founded in London in 1973. QuickSilver produce superior exhaust systems for the World’s finest cars that are lighter, stronger, more efficient and enable personalisation.

QuickSilvers Sports systems enhance the pleasure of driving with a sound appropriate to the driver’s expectation.With their modern ‘Sports’ exhaust, they try to emphasise the character of the existing exhaust note. QuickSilvers Mercedes SLS system has a deeper presence while their Aventador systems dramatise the high-pitched shriek.  More volume is not the aim, they try to elaborate the change in note, the crackles, the crisp cut and re-form up and down the gearbox. All those elements that make the fun.

This will be QuickSilvers first year as Offical partner to the GT Cup Championship, and we are very excited to have Paul Goddard and his team on board throughout the 2019 season. For more information about their products and services, please visit their website or contact them via telephone Tel: +44 (0)1428 687722