Snetterton 300 -11/12 July 2020 - Event documents

6 July 2020

All event documents are available from the GT Cup or MSVR website. 

Competitors will not be able to bring private vehicles into the paddock. Entry levels are very high this weekend and we want to ensure that the paddock is as clear as possible. There are also Covid-19 social distancing implications if this isn’t adhered to.

Competitors are responsible for anyone that they bring to the venue and that any member of their entourage not adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines could lead to sanctions on the entrant/competitor.

Please find below the link to the new  MSVR electronic sign-on system:

Driver Sign-on - 11/12 July 2020 Snetterton 300

This system incorporates three processes:

  • Signing-on
  • Scrutineering
  • Drivers’ briefing

Drivers can sign-on and scrutineer from today, but will not be able to do the briefing until 48 hours before the event. Drivers will just need to use the same link to get to the briefing nearer to the event.

MSVR know if the competitor has completed the briefing or not, anyone that doesn’t complete all three steps, won’t be able to go out on track until they have done so.