Technical Bulletin 001

7 August 2018

6th August 2018

Under the terms of GT Cup regulation 5.6.1 below.

The championship organiser has determined from the on-track evidence and timing together with the authoritative guidance from the Eligibility scrutineer that the car number 8, BMW M3 GTR will be repositioned from the GTA class to the GTB class in the GT Cup Championship from the August Snetterton 300 meeting onwards.


  • 6.1 The Championship Organiser may impose specific equalisation methods on individual cars which are modified beyond the level of modification of other cars of the same model and in the same Group. Equalisation methods may include the addition of weight which will be added to the declared base weight or minimum ride height, air intake restrictors or any other method deemed suitable. Alternatively, the specific car in question may be placed in the next Group.