Ruston and Whitehouse back with brand new McLaren

Ruston and Whitehouse back with brand new McLaren

Following their debut season last year in GT Cup, Steve Ruston and John Whitehouse will be returning to the popular GTH group with series regulars, JMH Automotive. Last year, the pair ran a Ginetta G55 GT4, but for 2019, it’s Ginetta out, and McLaren in as the team will be running a brand new 570S GT4.

Steve and John claimed 3rd in the 2018 GTH Championship, thanks to both drivers achieving with Ruston also picking up the Sunoco award for fastest driver. With the new car, comes new confidence in their performance for 2019.

“It’s great to be back again in GT Cup for next year, what a great paddock with a great bunch of people, competitive racing in a friendly atmosphere.” Said Ruston. “John and I are really looking forward to racing our new McLaren GT4 within GTH.

The McLaren we tested was massively different to ours (in fact we’ve not driven ours yet!) The straight-line speed is better, lots more grunt and I’m sure corner speed will come once we’ve driven it some more. It’s a lot more refined too, mainly because it’s based on a road car compared to the Ginetta. But we did love the Ginetta, it’s a great all-round car and it’s a shame that BOP is killing it otherwise it would be equally as good as any other GT4 car from the big manufacturers.

As for the team, we’re settled in with JMH Automotive now, and they have a strong team in both GTO and GTH for next year. We all get on well, so it should be a great year. Our confidence is high and no matter what, we’ll enjoy our weekends racing with likeminded people.”


“We had a great first year in the series in the Ginetta with some fantastic highs at Spa, winning the endurance race and some lows, but isn’t that just racing.” Said teammate Whitehouse. “There was a real sense of camaraderie between teams and drivers, and Chris, Hannah and the team have really made us feel welcome. We enjoyed it so much, myself and Steve decided to return for 2019 with a new McLaren 570S GT4 as we think the GTH group will be the most competitive and well-represented class. And with the new race format, we are really looking forward to the series.”