Webbs find the pace to secure Group GTB pole at Snetterton


Sunday 13th August 2017


A competitive GT Cup qualifying session ended with James Webb setting the fastest time of 1m55s.227s in Group GTB for Team Webb, with Tom also sharing duties on Sunday morning. John Saunders of TCS Motorsport was just eight tenths behind, while Neil Huggins took his Top Cats Racing Lamborghini to third in the Group.


“The car was good,” said James Webb. “I only had a few laps in free practice, the first flying laps of the weekend. The car felt good as I was trying to remember the circuit and find my way around. There's still a lot of grip on the circuit and I had a look at the data and saw I was losing a bit of time yesterday. I was able to find the pace today and was a tenth off yesterday's qualifying time. I'd like to do the second stint in the race to bring it home.”


Graham Davidson secured Group GTO and overall pole in his McLaren MP4-12/C ahead of Sunday’s feature race with a time of 1m49.978s, having traded places throughout with Nigel Hudson in his Aston Martin GT3.


“The speeds these cars reach by the first corner are just insane,” said Davidson. “My target when I started the weekend was to break the 1m49s, so it's coming together, I'm learning, but I need to keep stringing these good sectors together. I think as the race goes on my race pace will be good.


“Using the engine braking, you downshift earlier and let the mechanical stuff slow you down. The first time I tried it I thought I was going to go off the track with how late I left it. To replicate that lap after lap, I'm not sure my brain can cope so you need to be really committed here!”


Bonamy Grimes took third overall in his Ferrari 458 Challenge on a 1m51.697s. “I am delighted at the moment,” said Grimes. “I'll take third overall, it was brilliant. We went out with a trial there to get on the pace really quickly to take the least amount out of the tyres and I had a clear lap on my fourth lap. I am really pleased with that. I'm doing the second stint of the race and we don't have any success penalties, so it'll be fun when the GTO cars are catching me towards the end.”


GTA Group qualifying honours were taken by Dominic Paul, whose Spy Motorsport Ginetta narrowly took ninth overall with a time of 1m56.868s over Alan Henderson's AK Motorsport Ginetta, while Darren Standing took Amigo Motorsport to third.


“It was good, although we do have a bit of a front suspension issue which we're trying to work around,” said Paul. “I'm having to change my driving and it wasn't as good a lap as yesterday. We also have a 45-second success penalty so that's going to be a challenge – but we relish that. It could make the second half of the race quite exciting.”




Group GTO:

1 - Graham Davidson - McLaren MP4-12/C

2 - Adam Wilcox/Nigel Hudson - Aston Martin GT3

3 - Mike Brown/Matt Manderson - Aston Martin GT3


Group GTC:

1 - Bonamy Grimes - Ferrari 458 GTC


Group GTB:

1 - James Webb/Tom Webb - BMW M3 E46 GTR

2 - John Saunders - Ginetta G50

3 - Neil Huggins - Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo LP570-4


Group GTA:

1 - Dominic Paul - Ginetta G55 GT4

2 – Alan Henderson/Daniel Irving - Ginetta G55 GT4

3 – Darren Standing/Ian Goodchild – Ginetta G55 GT4


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