Delight for Grimes and Mowlem as Ferrari pair take overall victory in rain at Donington Park


Sunday 17th September 2017


Bonamy Grimes and Johnny Mowlem claimed their first overall race win  at Donington Park, in a race beset by stop-start rain. Initially, fellow Group GTC competitor Jake Rattenbury was leading the pack, but a challenging drive and strong strategy from Grimes and Mowlem meant that the pair managed to bring their brand-new Ferrari 488 Challenge to victory.


“It was all about the start really, choosing the right time to take the wets off when the conditions were better,” Grimes said. “We hung it out until the very end to make sure we had to go for slicks. It was the right call, definitely.”

Mowlem added: “when it started raining towards the end of the race it started getting a little sketchy as I had built up a good lead and I didn’t want to damage that. First place on the debut for the car, you couldn’t ask for more.”


Dominic Paul drove one of the strongest races of his season to secure fourth overall and wrap up the Group GTA championship in style. The Ginetta driver at times was fighting Rattenbury in his much more powerful Group GTC car for the overall lead. “I think that was the best race I’ve ever had,” a thrilled Paul said. “I had a massive lead at some points. I still had slicks in the damp which meant I was meant to lap faster. Great run, it was a great run.”


In Group GTO, Nigel Hudson and Adam Wilcox brought their Aston Martin Vantage GT3 to victory within the group, and second overall. In a race where strategy was crucial, Hudson believes that he should have gone out on slick tyres to build an advantage. “It was a really weird race, a bit of here there and everywhere,” Wilcox said. “We went out on the slicks and then changed to wets at the last moment.”

“We should’ve gone out on slicks,” Hudson reflected. “Dominic [Paul] came on so well in his GTA car on slick tyres.”


After a strong battle with Neil Huggins, James Webb brought his BMW M3 E46 GTR home to be victorious in Group GTB as he finished seventh overall. “It was a bit difficult to read and that kind of thing, so we started off on wet tyres,” he said. “Early on we had a bit of an advantage which was good and we used that to get ahead of Neil.”




Group GTO:

1: Nigel Hudson / Adam Wilcox - Aston Martin GT3

2: Graham Davidson - McLaren MP4/12-C


Group GTC:

1: Bonamy Grimes / Johnny Mowlem - Ferrari 488 Challenge

2: Jake Rattenbury - Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo


Group GTB:

1: James Webb - BMW M3 E46 GTR

2: Neil Huggins - Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo LP570

3: Nick / Tom Barrow - BMW V10 150 GTR


Group GTA:

1: Dominic Paul - Ginetta G55

2: Ian Goodchild / James Reveler - Ginetta G55 GT4

3: Jeff Wyatt - BMW M3 GTR

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